Platinum: $5000 and Higher

Michael and Kendra--Pickard Orthodontics

Gold: $2500-$4999

Silver: $1000-$2499

D.K. Mullin Architects

Bronze: $500-$999

Jason and Jeannine Apt
Ed and Cindy Bechinski
Roger and Jean Korus
Charles and Brenda Richards
Suzanna Trail
Walmart (Moscow)

Black: $100-$499

Greg and Cathryn Bailey
Rick Benson
Tom and Carrie Bitterwolf
Stephanie Burge
Kimberly Garland Campbell
Clyde and Bond Enterprises
Marshall and Rhonda Comstock
James and Dawna Fazio
Dave and Carla Jones
Greg Kimberling Insurance
Marc and Anne Klowden
Roger Korus
Los Lopez Family—La Casa Lopez
Shawn and Annie Richards
Gary Saunders
Martha and Dan Schmidt
Deborah Sullivan
Jerry and Susan Tuchscherer
Judy and Roger Wallins
Rachel Wallins
Kathleen Warren
Jennifer Watts
Katherine Yahvah

White: $50-$99

Lee Ann Eareckson
Charlie Gerke
Margaret Jenkins
Kathy Kwiatkowski
John Marone
Nate Strong
Travis Zirker

Red: $1-$49

Amanda Bashaw
Dennis Becker
Lauren Bowersox
Andrea Broenneke
Tenley Burke
Judy Cornish
Shirley Engerbretsen
Patrick Griswold
Connie Hall
Alyssa Hartford
Becky Highfill
Jennifer Linehan
Judy Pilcher
Catherine Prestwich
Kerry and Nancy Reese
William Rivers
Melanie Robarge
Suzanne Seigneur
Brant Schroeder
Marci Stephens
Joann Sutton
Douglas Vintage
Darren Walker
Karen Ward

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