Platinum: $5000 and Higher

Michael and Kendra–Pickard Orthodontics

Gold: $2500-$4999

Roger and Jean Korus

Silver: $1000-$2499

D.K. Mullin Architects

Marshall and Rhonda Comstock

Edward and Virginia Garton

Ed Lewis and Shirley Luckhart

Robert Strang and Janet Nelson

Suzanna Trail

Lee and Kerri Vierling

Bronze: $500-$999

Jason and Jeannine Apt

Ed and Cindy Bechinski

William Gordon (on behalf of Olivia and Emilia Ballard)

Gail Byers

Dave and Carla Jones

Marc and Anne Klowden

Jeff and Keely Mix

Charles and Brenda Richards

Shawn and Annie Richards

Schreck Family Foundation

Roger Rowley and Carise Skinner

Black: $100-$499

Doug and Linda Adams

Greg and Cathryn Bailey

James and Jennifer Barrett

Douglas Bevins and Edie Buchanan

Arthur and Roz Bienenstock

Carrie Bitterwolf

Lori Bonner and Jennie Cordon

Roseanne Cosgrove

Tami, Morgan, and Katie Dial

Candis and Terry Donicht

Constance Drumm

Clyde and Bond Enterprises

Jason and Marilyn Franklin

James and Karen Frenzel

Lisa and Jim Garrett

Archie and Mary George

Charles and Roberta Graham

Sally Greene and Kris Curnes

Guardian Property Services; Jeff Mix, Owner

Amu Grey and Mark Warner

Rachel Guberman (Wallins)

Mary Hamilton

Jay and Cory Hunter

Patricia Jessup and Eugene Patrick Fuerst

Andy and Ellen Johansen

John and Mary Ann Judge

Greg Kimberling Insurance—Jon and Sharon

Lori and Ned Lawtion

Aron and Cassie Lum

Los Lopez Family—La Casa Lopez

Dale Moore and William Sischo

Nature’s Way Dentistry

David and Nancy Nelson

Richard Newhaus

One World Cafe

Bryn Parker and Erin Hake

Potlatch #1FCU

Susan Roberts

Mary Sanchez and Glen Lanier

Martha and Dan Schmidt

Sinora and Dev Shrestha

Marjory Stage

Jack and Brandy Sullivan

Charles and Alverna Thomas

Jerry and Susan Tuchscherer

Larry and Trish Verdal

Chris and Heather Walker

Judy and Roger Wallins

K & R Enterprises (Ray and Chris Mattson)

Kathleen Warren

Ken and Karen White

Jennifer Watts

Gary Williams and Joy Passanante

Fangming Xiao and Joan Li

Martha and Jen Zirker

White: $50-$99

Johnathan and Tina Anderson

David and Shirlee Anderson

Lauren Bowersox

Bruce Bradberry

Richard Carbonneau

Patricia and Wes Carscallen

Bob and Nel Carver

Lawrence and Karen Chinn

Lee Ann Eareckson

Sid and Renee Eder

David and Cynthia Garnett

Charlie Gerke

Charles and Karen Goebel

Connie Hall

Michael and Susan Irvin

Kaitlin Jones

Nancy Kirchmeier

Kathy and Paul Kwiatkowski

Gregory and Leah Latta

John Marone and Sandy Lambacher

Balemba Onesmo and Doris Mtui

Paul and Joann Muneta

Kerry and Nancy Reese

Ellen Thiem

Kathy Weber

Martha and Ken Zirker

Red: $1-$49

Misti Amarena

Anna Bornstein

Alis and David Carr/Chellman

Lawrence and Karen Chim

Myungsik Chung

Margaret Dibble

Shirley Engerbretson

Michael and Susan Irvin

Joan M. Jones

Scott and Kristie Lawrence

Louise Regalin

Autumn St.  Amand

Carmen Savage

Kirsten Stoops

Kay Swenson

Travis Zirker