Grant Awards

Award Information

The Moscow Education Foundation is very excited and pleased to announce the awarding of academically-based grants to the following teachers:

Spring 2019:

  • Michelle Tanner and Sam Hoogsteen, Moscow High School teachers, were each awarded $500 for the purchase of multiple copies of the book,Boys in the Boat to extend a meaningful learning opportunity to U.S. History students.  This book offers a deeper understanding of the period in our country’s history prior to the onset of World War II.
  • Luella Stelck, Lena Whitmore teacher, was awarded $500 to support Lena’s STEAM Day event. (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)  Items needed for hands-on learning will be purchased for this exciting day of learning about integrated subjects and future career possibilities.
  • Doug Ackley, MHS teacher, awarded $500 for supporting an extension to the Fundamentals of Fitness course.  This extension will provide an opportunity to a targeted group of students who would derive benefit in the areas of self-defense and dance.  The instruction is designed to result in a “reduced anxiety” learning situation, and to offer a lifetime of benefit.  Doug is supporting students who require a differentiated instructional opportunity.
  • JoyAnn Riley, new MHS teacher, was awarded $250 to purchase instructional posters in the areas of literature, grammar, punctuation, essay writing, and more.  These resources will provide students instant information that can be referred to again and again.
  • Pepper Abbott and Ashely Payton, McDonald teachers, were each awarded $459.80 for the purchase of Hokki stools to enable their “wiggle worm” learners to be able to move and learn simultaneously.  These personalized seating options have proven effective for children who have great difficulty sitting still and focusing.
  •  Melica Haarr, Lena teacher, was awarded $500 to support special needs learners in the area of physical education.   Lesson plans by Tasks Galore will be purchased to help students gain independence and a sense of success that will extend beyond physical education into classroom learning and their futures.

Prior Awardees:

Fall 2018:

  • Mary Kay Merten, Moscow High School Special Education Teacher: $442 for two charging stations to support the use of Chrome Books for online academic remediation and digital agendas to enhance student/parent/teacher communication.
  • Melissa Kirkland, Moscow High School Speech Teacher: $136 for purchase of Yeti Podcasting Mics to enable students to have a more professional experience when recording their individual podcasts.
  • Janice Weesner, Lena Whitmore Elementary School Third Grade Teacher: $500 to support an after-school STEAM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) for 3rd graders.  Students will engage in  STEAM investigations, learn about STEAM professions, and how STEAM efforts contribute to society.
  • Jim Rizzuto, Paradise Creek Regional High School: $496 to support the Bicycle Mechanics Proficiency Program, whereby all PCRHS students will gain skills in the areas of health, math, engineering, and safety, as well as problem solving.
  • Faye Nagler, Russell Elementary School Librarian:  $500 to support the purchase of updated social studies books for the Russell School Library. The focus will be for revitalizing the United States and State of Idaho geography and history reference section for students in grades 3-5.
  • Doris Wear, Moscow High School Librarian: $289 to support the formation of a Student Productivity Center in the High School Bear Library. Purchases include a binding machine, multi-page hole punch, and paper cutter to support students in the development of professional products for required assignments and projects.
  • Carly Bean, Moscow High School Extended Learning Teacher: $500 to enable selected students to participate in the Model United Nations Conference in Seattle.  This program enhances student problem solving skills in alignment with current global issues and provides meaningful real-life preparation for the future.

Spring 2018

  • Paula Karr: $370 to support a West Park kindergarten and second grade buddy system designed to reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Kathy Stefani: $500 to support vocal opportunities for McDonald intermediate students.
  • Faye Nagler: $398.99 to support West Par first and second graders in learning and utilizing computer programming and coding to gain knowledge and conceptual awareness in the areas of science, technology, engineering design, and math.

We’re excited to have celebrated another semester of truly amazing teachers and their commitment to Moscow’s students. Another round of grant opportunities will be offered in November, so please let your staff know! More information to come as soon as school resumes in the fall.