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The Moscow Education Foundation is very excited and pleased to announce the awarding of academically-based grants to the following teachers:

Prior Awardees: 

2023-24 2nd Term – Spring

  • Paul Brandenstein, Paradise Creek Regional High School, economics supplemental books
  • Cyndi Faircloth, Moscow Middle School, wooden looms for foreign language projects
  • Ruby Jackson, Paradise Creek Regional High School, support outdoor elective course
  • Soona Schmidt, Moscow Middle School, earbuds for students 6th thru 8th grade
  • Brian Smith / Jenni Hightower, Paradise Creek Regional High School, support student-led education in social skills

2023-24 1st Term – Winter

  • Faye Nagler, elementary schools librarian: update globes, selves and browsing bins in all elementary school libraries.
  • Megan Bueller, Lena Whitmore: “A New Home for Rusty” will create a self-sustaining classroom pet project for Rusty, the 2nd grade’s bearded dragon. There will be a new, larger terrarium, a self-sustaining garden and three self-sustaining insect-growing modules.
  • Rebecca Sager, West Park. Imaginative play materials
  • Leah Villegas, West Park. Imaginative play and adaptive skills materials.

2023-24 1st Term – Fall

During the current school year (thru 10 Dec.) the MEF has awarded grants to these teachers/schools to enhance learning opportunities for Moscow School District students:

  • Joint grant to Chimena Zarija (teacher-librarian) / Dina Espy, (Spanish & world languages teacher), Moscow High School (MHS). Update world-language and Spanish resources in the MHS library and in the classroom
  • Doug Ackley, MHS PE instructor. Purchase a set of 30 National Outdoor Leadership School books on wilderness medicine for MHS Outdoor Education class.
  • Carly Bean, Extended Learning Facilitator & BearMUN Advisor, MHS. Funds for student travel and scholarship for regional Model UN conference in Seattle.
  • Andrea Falk, Lena Whitmore Music Specialist. Purchase a large specialty carpet for music room to replace the current too-small and inappropriately-constructed carpet.
  • Randi Frederick, electives teacher, Moscow Middle School (MMS). Update outdated equipment to allow yearbook students to photograph and print pictures with fewer technical difficulties.
  • Alex Grieg, social studies teacher, MHS. Purchase additional grade-appropriate reading and curricular material about WW 1
  • Lindsey Lee, 4th grade teacher, Lena Whitmore. Support of Knitting Club by buying supplies and facilitating service learning
  • Faye Nagler, Enrichment Specialist, West Park. Develop STEAM, robotics and computer science literacy
  • Ana Payne, West Park Title 1 teacher. Purchase of developmentally-approproate chairs for the Title 1 classroom.
  • Meghan Raney, counselor, Lena Whitmore. Support the formation of an art club at Lena for 3rd-5th grade students
  • Kathy Stefani, A.B. McDonald. Purchase baritone ukeleles for ukelele orchestra
  • John Thill, teacher and coach, MMS. Support of sports/video broadcasting elective at MMS

Spring 2021

  • Sheryl Gomez, McDonald: $500 for development of a classroom store for special education students.  Students will be able to earn “money” (realistic simulated money) by helping in the classroom and doing extra chores.  They will then learn to spend money (counting correctly), pay, and make correct change. 
  • Doug Ackley, MHS: $554.70 to purchase instructional materials to support self-defense instruction which is designed to enhance self-confidence, increase situational awareness, develop more informed decision making, and conflict resolution skills, and as a last resort, physical defense of self or others. 
  • Faye Nagler, Russell: $600 for a revitalization of the classic literature collection (much in need of updating and replacement) 
  • Patty Pancheri, McDonald: $564.46 for the purchase of book bags, bookmarks, and leveled books to read over the summer for students to who have received extra support in reading throughout the year. 

2020 and earlier

  • Kendra McMillan, Lena: $430 for two Chrome Books to be checked out to families to support academics—home/school connection
  • Brian Smith, West Park: $500 to purchase math and language arts manipulative materials to be sent home for families to enhance academics in the home environment and support the home/school connection.  Math kits; magnetic letters and numbers; etc.
  • Carly Bean, MHS: $600 to help support the digital participation in the Pacific Model United Nations Conference.  It is exciting that students are referred to as “delegates,” who will work on group communication, conflict resolution, consensus building, critical thinking, public speaking, and listening skills while addressing real world problems.  This is a wonderful opportunity for participants! So glad they have been able to make this digital!
  • Jana Horne, McDonald: $480 to purchase Seesaw Plus for Online Learning to support academic areas of math, reading, writing, science, social studies, and social/emotional learning for primary students. Excellent opportunity to enhance the home/school connection.
  • Jayne Ching Hui Wang, Lena: $233 to purchase Multicultural Books (biographies, nonfiction, fiction) for first graders.  The topic of celebrating and appreciating diversity is so important, and first grade is a great time for this area of focus!
  • Lisa Belknap, Lena: $225 to purchase materials for development of an online Virtual Art Gallery to support the academic areas of art, science, reading and math for third graders. Wonderful opportunity to enhance the home/school connection!
  • Kara Ardern: Math Power Packs, West Park: $585 to purchase take home math kits for Title I students to develop number sense and mathematical thinking.  This offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen the home school connection for students in grades K-2.
  • Tiffany Ringo, Lena:—$424 to purchase academic Osmo games for third graders.  This purchase enables each student to work with Osmo without sharing—critically important in the era of Covid!
  • Erik Brynestad, MHS: $599.41 for purchase of High interest, low readability books for special education students. 
  • Melissa Kirkland, MHS: $143.68 in resources for Advanced Speech students to build an in class library for the purpose of enhancing public speaking skills. 
  • Paula Karr, Lena: $332.47 to purchase resources for an after school Board Game Club for students in grades 2-5.  Board games encourage appropriate social interaction, critical thinking, problem solving, and enhancement of reading and math skills. 
  • Kathy Stefani, McDonald: $500 for the purchase of ukuleles to replace those that are permanently damaged.
  • Matthew Pollard, PCRHS: $585.40 for the purchase of Straw Rocket Launchers for your Mission to Mars Challenge.   We are pleased to support learning in the areas of engineering, science, and art (to some degree!). Good luck and happy launching! 
  • Matthew Haley and Harper Wallins, MMS: $500 for the purchase of supplies to support your bi-cultural communication project with students from India.  It is impressive that the entire social studies department is participating.  We believe this will improve students’ literacy skills, and even some art!  We also believe that this project will help our students realize differences and similarities among us all–and hopefully gain an appreciation of another culture.  We like the idea of helping our students to become global thinkers and to make the countries of the world seem a bit more connected.
  • Lacey Watkins, Title I: $338.75 for the purchase of multicultural dolls for kindergarten students.  We are hopeful that students will gain an awareness and appreciation of other cultures.  I know it is sometimes difficult to measure success with kindergarteners, but I would love to hear about those “teachable moments,” and student comments that indicate alliance with your objectives.  We appreciate your efforts to make students more globally aware at a very young age.
  • Kathy Baxter, PCRHS: $600 for the purchase of Sphero Robots for your STEM project.  We are pleased to support learning in the areas of technology, engineering, science, and problem solving.  We like the collaboration component whereby students at PCRHS will teach students at Lena Whitmore and donate the robots to STEM teacher Janice Weesner.
  • Faye Nagler, District Elementary Librarian: $600 for the purchase of state reference books for all elementary libraries.  We understand there will be a  focus on 3rd-5th grade social studies curriculum (with an emphasis on 5th grade).  We understand that the books will be stored at Lena Whitmore but will be shared easily among schools through interlibrary loan–I am sure they will be needed by all.
  • Kathy Vietmeier, West Park: $600 for the purchase of an iPad and three Sphero robots to help students increase their understanding of computer coding and the connection of math skills (geometry and measurement) to real world problem solving. We are pleased that this STEM opportunity will benefit all three 2nd grade classrooms at West Park Elementary.
  • Carly Bean, MHS: $600 to help support the travel of 45 students to the Pacific Model United Nations Conference in Seattle.  It is exciting that students are referred to as “delegates,” who will work on group communication, conflict resolution, consensus building, critical thinking, public speaking, and listening skills while addressing real world problems.  This is a wonderful opportunity for participants!
  • Michelle Tanner and Sam Hoogsteen, Moscow High School teachers, were each awarded $500 for the purchase of multiple copies of the book,Boys in the Boat to extend a meaningful learning opportunity to U.S. History students.  This book offers a deeper understanding of the period in our country’s history prior to the onset of World War II.
  • Luella Stelck, Lena Whitmore teacher, was awarded $500 to support Lena’s STEAM Day event. (STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics)  Items needed for hands-on learning will be purchased for this exciting day of learning about integrated subjects and future career possibilities.
  • Doug Ackley, MHS teacher, awarded $500 for supporting an extension to the Fundamentals of Fitness course.  This extension will provide an opportunity to a targeted group of students who would derive benefit in the areas of self-defense and dance.  The instruction is designed to result in a “reduced anxiety” learning situation, and to offer a lifetime of benefit.  Doug is supporting students who require a differentiated instructional opportunity.
  • JoyAnn Riley, new MHS teacher, was awarded $250 to purchase instructional posters in the areas of literature, grammar, punctuation, essay writing, and more.  These resources will provide students instant information that can be referred to again and again.
  • Pepper Abbott and Ashely Payton, McDonald teachers, were each awarded $459.80 for the purchase of Hokki stools to enable their “wiggle worm” learners to be able to move and learn simultaneously.  These personalized seating options have proven effective for children who have great difficulty sitting still and focusing.
  •  Melica Haarr, Lena teacher, was awarded $500 to support special needs learners in the area of physical education.   Lesson plans by Tasks Galore will be purchased to help students gain independence and a sense of success that will extend beyond physical education into classroom learning and their futures.
  • Mary Kay Merten, Moscow High School Special Education Teacher: $442 for two charging stations to support the use of Chrome Books for online academic remediation and digital agendas to enhance student/parent/teacher communication.
  • Melissa Kirkland, Moscow High School Speech Teacher: $136 for purchase of Yeti Podcasting Mics to enable students to have a more professional experience when recording their individual podcasts.
  • Janice Weesner, Lena Whitmore Elementary School Third Grade Teacher: $500 to support an after-school STEAM Club (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) for 3rd graders.  Students will engage in  STEAM investigations, learn about STEAM professions, and how STEAM efforts contribute to society.
  • Jim Rizzuto, Paradise Creek Regional High School: $496 to support the Bicycle Mechanics Proficiency Program, whereby all PCRHS students will gain skills in the areas of health, math, engineering, and safety, as well as problem solving.
  • Faye Nagler, Russell Elementary School Librarian:  $500 to support the purchase of updated social studies books for the Russell School Library. The focus will be for revitalizing the United States and State of Idaho geography and history reference section for students in grades 3-5.
  • Doris Wear, Moscow High School Librarian: $289 to support the formation of a Student Productivity Center in the High School Bear Library. Purchases include a binding machine, multi-page hole punch, and paper cutter to support students in the development of professional products for required assignments and projects.
  • Carly Bean, Moscow High School Extended Learning Teacher: $500 to enable selected students to participate in the Model United Nations Conference in Seattle.  This program enhances student problem solving skills in alignment with current global issues and provides meaningful real-life preparation for the future.
  • Paula Karr: $370 to support a West Park kindergarten and second grade buddy system designed to reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Kathy Stefani: $500 to support vocal opportunities for McDonald intermediate students.
  • Faye Nagler: $398.99 to support West Par first and second graders in learning and utilizing computer programming and coding to gain knowledge and conceptual awareness in the areas of science, technology, engineering design, and math.

We’re excited to have celebrated another semester of truly amazing teachers and their commitment to Moscow’s students. Another round of grant opportunities will be offered in November, so please let your staff know! More information to come as soon as school resumes in the fall.

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